Monday, August 5, 2013

Watch Holmes Makes it Right S01E01 stream

Holmes Makes it Right Season 1 Episode 1
Show Name: Holmes Makes it Right
Episode Name: A Case of Shingles
Genre: Design/Decorating, Housing/Building, How To/Do It Yourself, Lifestyle
Airtime: 09:00 pm

Mike Holmes is back, doing what he does best--making it right. He's picking up where he left off with his hit series Holmes on Homes and Holmes Inspection and cranking it up several notches. In this series, Mike plans to expand the meaning of "Make It Right" outside the residential domain and outside his own comfort level. The new stories are not just about typical renovation rip-offs; they're heart-wrenching people stories too. In this series, Mike doesn't just want to make a difference in the home, he wants to make people's lives better. In Holmes Makes it Right, Mike will be taking on disasters that would make other contractors run. The kinds of circumstances where you don't just need a contractor, you need a miracle.

Good mood is exactly what you are getting when you watch watch Holmes Makes it Right s01e01 online. As the series goes on and takes a deeper interest in the multitude of characters The script and plot are as out-there as other series. Holmes Makes it Right may not get nominated for the big awards, but it's steadily been one of our favorite shows to watch online and has a fantastic season by any standards. The first couple of episodes establish character and location, before things take an uptick during episode three. Series creator brings a quirky sensibility to the pilot, and the Holmes Makes it Right season 1 episode 1 grows increasingly rich and absorbing in the second and third hours. The series gets better and more engrossing with time. Watch Holmes Makes it Right season 1 episode 1 streaming the best new TV show in a year. There is so much to recommend this show!

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